Change management for Business

Project & Change management

Why is  Project and Change Management important?

“The Secret of Change is to Focus All of Your Energy, Not on Fighting the Old, but on Building the New”

The correlation between change management effectiveness and meeting project objectives is well known. Poor change management can lead to only 10-20% success in projects.

Change management allows you to assess the overall impact of change, and implement the change without negatively effecting the day to day running of your organisation. This will reduce your costs and increase your return on investment.

Operational effectiveness will be improved by acknowledging the concerns of your staff, as their engagement will increase when they are consulted and included on the journey.

It is crucial that this is planned and conducted in a robust project management framework to ensure we hit timelines and targets.

“Authority should be vested in the people doing the work to improve their own processes, to teach them how to measure them, to understand them and to improve them. They should not have to ask permission to improve their processes.” Steve Jobs, Apple

We design, project manage and organise change management programs, which ensure all stakeholders
understand the reason and benefits for change.