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Improvement Workshops

What is Gemba & Kaizen… what’s it got to do with a workshop?

  • The term Kaizen comes from Japanese and is made up of two words: Kai, pronounced ”Kye”, meaning “change” and Zen meaning “good”….in other words “Improvement”
  • Gemba means “the place where all activities are actually taking place” this involves evaluating the “trenches” or offices where the work is being done
  • We gather your stakeholders in a room

Within in a few hours we can

  • Map your current process
  • Conduct a Voice of the Customer exercise to find out what your stakeholders really want
  • Strip out the waste of your process
  • Add additional steps to improve quality, compliance and value.

What we need to do this: A white board, brown paper, post-it notes, pens and the stakeholders involved in the process

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Analysing the 8 wastes

We’ll analyse the 8 wastes (downtime). Every business and process has these

  1. Defects
  2. Overproduction
  3. Waiting
  4. Non Utilised Intellect
  5. Transportation
  6. Inventory
  7. Motion
  8. Extra processing

The great thing about Kaizen and Gemba workshops, is that they can be completed over just a couple of days and will have huge impacts on your team’s culture and performance