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The lean Six Sigma story

What is Lean?

The goal of Lean is to identify and eliminate non-essential and non-value added tasks in the process in order to streamline production, improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.

What does that mean in your world?

  • Stop saving, printing, and filing forms away if it doesn’t add value
  • Stop waiting 2 days for a manager to sign off an invoice, when they don’t need to
  • Reduce the number of approvers in a process
  • Stop reinventing the wheel and each consultant have to write an advert from scratch each time
  • Dont allow managers to delay the recruitment process because they dont have time to interview

Origin of Lean


What is Six Sigma?

The aim is to fix a process so that it will be 99.9997% defect free or produce only 3.4 Defects per million opportunities or less!

What does that mean in your world?

  • Forms filled out correctly
  • Correct information in CRMs
  • Employment contracts right first time
  • Managers following the correct process

Origin of Six Sigma

Origin of Six Sigma diagram

Put it together and you have Cheaper, faster, better processes and services for your stakeholders and customers.

Q. How can Lean and 6 Sigma be applied to HR and Recruitment?

A. Very easily. An HR department and process is often packed with wasted time and cost, double checking and mistakes. Lets strip out the waste in one of our Gemba and Kaizen Workshops, read more below.

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