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The lean Six Sigma story

What is Lean?

The goal of Lean is to identify and eliminate non-essential and non-value added tasks in the process in order to streamline production, improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.

What does that mean in your world?

  • Stop saving, printing, and filing forms away if it doesn’t add value
  • Stop waiting 2 days for a manager to sign off an invoice, when they don’t need to
  • Reduce the number of approvers in a process
  • Stop reinventing the wheel and each consultant have to write an advert from scratch each time
  • Dont allow managers to delay the recruitment process because they dont have time to interview

Origin of Lean


What is Six Sigma?

The aim is to fix a process so that it will be 99.9997% defect free or produce only 3.4 Defects per million opportunities or less!

What does that mean in your world?

  • Forms filled out correctly
  • Correct information in CRMs
  • Employment contracts right first time
  • Managers following the correct process

Origin of Six Sigma

Origin of Six Sigma diagram

What is Lean Six Sigma

LEAN (reduce cycle time and non-value add time)


SIX SIGMA (reduce defective products or process outputs, variation and improve consistency)

= Cheaper, faster, better products and services for you and your stakeholders

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